Edgerati are people who venture out onto various edges, engage with participants on those edges, develop deep insight from their involvement on the edge and report back to the rest of the world what they have learned. They are passionate risk-takers who get deep satisfaction from exploration and discovery, venturing far off the beaten path.

But even more importantly, they are driven to interpret and communicate what they find, helping the rest of us to gain greater insight into the changes ahead. There are many entrepreneurs and other edge participants who are deeply knowledgeable about the edge but they have neither the time nor inclination to reach out and communicate to those still in the core. We want to honor those who help us to gain more understanding of the emergence and evolution of edges that will ultimately transform the way we live, work and play.

Edges can take many forms. Three primary edges are geographic (emerging economies and developing talent spikes), demographic (younger generations entering markets and the workforce) and technological (new waves of technological innovation). A hallmark of edges is the ability to scale innovations rapidly in ways that challenge and ultimately transform the core of our economies and societies. This process of edge-core transformation is accelerating. For this reason, edges are vitally important to understand even though it is easy in the early stages of edge emergence to dismiss them as marginal and uninteresting.

Many of the edgerati we have identified are already well-known among the broader public. Many are not, but should be. We hope to contribute to gaining recognition for the edgerati who are less well known. We also are often struck by the fact that many edgerati do not know each other – they are off exploring specific edges and have only limited awareness of other edges and those engaged in these other areas. As a result, we hope that this will begin an effort to more systematically raise awareness among the edgerati of each other and, over time, build more of a sense of community among these individuals.

True to the edge spirit though, we are beginning modestly with a very preliminary list of edgerati that have influenced our perspectives. It is far from comprehensive and we will endeavor over the months ahead to expand the list and create additional mechanisms to keep up with edgerati as they continue to explore their respective domains.

Edgerati Nominations: We invite you to nominate your favorites for inclusion in our list of edgerati. Please send us: 1) the name of the individual, 2) their website or blog, and 3) reasons why you feel they should be recognized. Email your nominations to nomination (at) edgerati.com.

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- John Hagel III and John Seely Brown